Sunday, 25 November 2007

Hello!!!! I know it has been ages, sorry, but here I am. I have recently turned two and I had a brilliant party with lots of friends!

Here is a montage of the fun had..

Sunday, 15 July 2007

WOW! I have been nominated for this award by Sasha. Thank you so much!

It's very easy actually. All you have to do is to nominate 7 cool gals with blog, and then they pass it on , and so forth. is my turn to nominate. Pardon me if those that I nominated have been nominated before, coz this is a proof that you are COOOOOOLLLLLLLLL :)

I don't know many peeps with blogs I am afraid, so I will nominate Daisy and Waverly. I would nominate you Sasha but I think if I do it will never end....LOL...And Amber...Sorry I don't know anymore....I have been too busy lately and haven't blogged

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Fabulous Saturday!

He he he, well we went to visit some friends on Saturday and we got to this beautiful pond, I had a fab time diving in and chase the balls that our human friends were throwing while Luna was getting worried about getting wet! Ha ha ha...
She tried invane to get dried in the grass but only got wetter... Too funny... Enjoy the vids and photos

Wednesday, 6 June 2007


We have been tagged by Sasha and Waverly and Daisy to quote 7 pawthings about us, sooo ok, here it goes...


1. I think I am a kangaroo and I still jump up at people to say hello
2. I love food so much I hoover it instead of chewing it
3. I love my new little sister Luna but I wish I could have all the cuddles just for myself
4. I love looking out of the window purching up the top of the sofa and watch the world go by

5. I am currently training for my Bronze award in obedience training
6. I sleep on my mum and dad's bed ;)
7. I love swimming chasing tennis balls with my pals

8. One more he he he.... I am the blond member of the Canine Charlie's Angels


1. I am 12 wks today!
2. I am going for my first paw and face trim to the groomers on Friday
3. I love terrorising my big sister Kyra ;~)
4. I went to my first obedience school class last night
5. I am already potty trained, I can sit, down and stay and wait for my food until my mum says it's ok to eat
6. I sleep all night until 8am
7. I love playing ball and chasing Kyra around the garden
8. I attend puppy parties every Thursday night and play, play, play and play with other pups.(Will post video later...)

Not sure who to tag as everyone has already been tagged...Will have a think xxxx

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

How my little sis is growing...

She is a little pest and she thinks it's funny biting my legs! Someone tell her to stop please!